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Modmount Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Modmount Services Limited prioritizes client satisfaction by implementing a robust and transparent Complaint Handling Policy. This policy is designed to ensure prompt and fair resolution of customer complaints, reflecting the Company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of service and regulatory compliance.

Procedure for Submission of Queries and Complaints

Submitting a Query

Customers with queries or dissatisfaction regarding their account or services should initially contact Modmount’s Customer Support Department via email, live chat, telephone, or other official communication channels. The Customer Support team strives to resolve queries immediately, but if more time is needed, they will provide a holding response within three business days, detailing the investigation process and expected resolution time.

Contact Modmount;td’s customer support team for more information

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Submitting a Complaint

If a customer’s query remains unresolved, they may submit a formal complaint via email to [email protected]. The Company accepts complaints from authorized third parties if proper written authorization is provided. Complaints should include accurate and complete information, with supporting documentation as necessary. Upon receipt, Modmount will acknowledge the complaint within five working days and aim to resolve it within 30 working days. If more time is required, the Company will inform the customer of the delay and the expected timeframe for resolution.

Additional Information on Queries and Complaints

During the complaint investigation, Modmount may request additional information or documentation from the customer. If the customer fails to respond adequately within a reasonable timeframe, the Company may extend the investigation, put the matter on hold, or consider it closed. Customers are encouraged to submit complaints promptly to facilitate efficient investigation and resolution.

Responsibilities of the Complaints Team

Modmount’s Complaints Team is responsible for receiving, managing, and assisting customers with complaint submissions. Complaints related to services rendered under the Client Service Agreement are registered and handled by the team, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the process.

Registration of Complaints

All complaints are registered by the Company, recording essential information such as customer identity, complaint details, potential financial loss, and the Company’s response. This data is retained for at least seven years to ensure compliance and facilitate continuous improvement in complaint management.

Classification and Management of Complaints

Complaints are classified into three levels based on their seriousness:

Level 1: Least serious, resolved at first contact.

Level 2: More serious, involving the Compliance Officer (CO).

Level 3: Most serious, requiring the Managing Director’s involvement.

The Complaints Team, Compliance Officer, and Directors work together to ensure fair and prompt resolution of all complaints, with decisions communicated in writing to the customer within 30 business days.

Monitoring and Record Keeping

Modmount preserves all documents related to complaints for seven years and prepares statistics and reports to improve complaint administration efficiency. Customers dissatisfied with the Company’s resolution may appeal to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles.

Settlement of Disputes

If a dispute cannot be settled through Modmount’s procedures, customers may lodge an appeal with the FSA, following the instructions and providing all necessary information via the Complaint Handling Form available on the FSA website.


Modmount Services Limited’s Complaint Handling Policy exemplifies its dedication to client satisfaction and regulatory compliance. By ensuring transparent, fair, and prompt resolution of complaints, Modmount reinforces its reputation as a safe and reliable broker committed to upholding the highest standards of service. For more information about the procedure, please visit Modmount’s Complaint Policy.

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